My Passion

My customers today are looking for something unique, something different, and something that has meaning. Perhaps they are looking for a special experience. In essence they are looking for art!



Annie Zhang is a designer and purveyor of artistic, stylish, modern jewelry in New York City. Annie’s background as an artist stretches the medium of the aesthetic from interior design to her current career as a fashion photographer and Jewelry designer. Annie’s jewelry collection includes many designs from fashion jewelry composed of pearls, Semi-Precious Gemstones, 925 Sterling Silver, to Natural Baltic Amber, the collection offers a variety of minimalist, classics, unique and interesting!

Every Jewel is Handmade Slowly with Extreme love & Care. Annie is dedicated to providing her customers with art jewelry with timeless, sophisticated style.



Annie’s Photography

Our jewelry brand evolved from Annie’s work as a Fashion art photographer and interior design, She enjoys creating strength, unique beauty, and classic style by capturing the light in emotive ways.

Click link below to view a gallery of her work and more. information.